Hardide Coated Ball Valves Pass ISO 10497 Fire Test

Hardide Coatings‟ ultra-hard tungsten carbide CVD coating has passed BS EN ISO 10497 fire-testing on several sizes of metal-seated ball valves designed and manufactured by Aberdeen-based EnerMech for corrosive and severe service applications. EnerMech LG Valves‟ 2” Class 1500 flanged RF gear operated valve underwent the ISO test which confirmed the pressure containing capability of the valve under pressure during and after the fire test. The body material was ASTM A350 LF2. Certification was awarded by Lloyd‟s Register and covers the EnerMech LG Valves range up to 4” 300 Class.

Robin Gillham, business development manager for flow control at Hardide Coatings said: “Adding this industry standard to Hardide‟s accreditations gives our customers even greater confidence in our coating‟s performance on metal-seated ball valves. The Hardide coating has proven it will „seal and survive‟, making it suitable for fire safe applications.”

Hardide Coatings provides EnerMech LG Valves with coating solutions that significantly extend the life of ball valves operating in severe service applications. These include sour hydrocarbon, sand, high pressure and produced water applications in the oil and gas industry as well as power plant, chemical refinery, cryogenic, nuclear and food manufacturing applications. EnerMech is a leading provider of mechanical services, hydraulics, cranes and lifting equipment, equipment rental and training services to the global oil and gas industry.


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