New Wave of ETICS Anchor Improves Thermal Performance

EJOT UK has been working with The Hill Partnership’s East Anglian operation to complete a pilot scheme for the Norwich based Victory Housing Association, at Chapel Terrace just outside Stalham in Norfolk.

The project involved the application of the German render system Primocolor which is distributed in the UK by Lord & Downing. In fact, it was EJOT's long association with L&D that was instrumental in the South Yorkshire based distributor gaining BBA accreditation for the system here in the UK.

EJOT Sales Engineer, Gary Robson explained: "one of EJOT's great strengths is the ability to provide full testing and reporting through AppliTEC, the company's unique development centre. That means we are working with system providers to create the best fastening and installation products possible, helping to meet current and anticipated regulatory objectives head on." "in this case we were able to provide Lord & Downing with on-site pullout test analysis, all the way through to thermal testing carried out off site at AppliTEC."

The Chapel Terrace project is one such example of this commitment. This small row of semi-detached properties, built in the 1950's, are exposed to the cold winds blowing from the north sea across the Norfolk fens. The contractors chose to apply a phenolic board for its excellent thermal retention properties.

Ejotherm STR generation is EJOT's unique self-countersinking cap anchor range, developed to provide fast and secure mechanical fixing of ETICS - minimising thermal loss and providing options for all substrates including timber. EJOT's new wave of ejotherm STR U & ejotherm NT U anchors has been developed to provide a clean, one step installation and reduce the thermal break even further. With all parties working closely together it was possible to project extremely accurate budgeting forecasts for the next stage of the project; over 1000 properties to be rendered in the Norwich area as the Housing Association maintains its carbon reduction responsibilty in the area.

Lord & Downing have a 30 year history with EJOT both here in the UK and in Germany where ETICS development has been prioritised for many years. For them, maximising thermal efficiency is obviously key whilst achieving correct and problem-free installation is a pre-requisite to long term performance and product warranty.


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