Hygiene-Compliant with High Availability: Level Regulation for Primary Packaging

A sensor solution with no minimum shelf life, but offering maximum robustness, flexibility and simple operation – that is the LFP level sensor from SICK. It can transmit continuous level measurements and several limit values simultaneously. Demanding hygienic processes, aggressive detergents, high temperatures and process pressures – the LFP exploits its strengths in this application environment.

The sensor’s suitability for continuous media temperatures of up to 150°C and process pressures of up to 16 bar; its hygiene-compliant sensor design, suitable for industrial cleaning processes; its use of FDA-compliant materials; and its high enclosure rating of IP69K ensure that high cleaning temperatures, temperature shocks, pressure jet cleaning or chemical effects do not impair the resistance and tightness of the sensor – and thus guarantee lasting availability. The LFP, which is certified and approved according to EHEDG and FDA among others, is therefore suitable for applications in the primary packaging of liquid foods, for bottling plants, for use in cosmetic or pharmaceutical mixing plants, and for cleaning-in-place (CIP) or sterilization-in-place (SIP) equipment.

A precise and durable sensor solution

The LFP is used in process-related storage tanks and buffer containers in the immediate vicinity of packaging or filling lines. During both continuous measurement and limit level detection, the sensor impresses with its largely media-independent accuracy, reproducibility and resolution. This is achieved by a measurement process in which the time-of-flight of electromagnetic waves is detected by the device’s probe and evaluated. Another advantage of this measurement process: commissioning is possible without a medium calibration, and no recalibration is necessary during operation. As a result, liquids with differing physical properties (e.g. conductivity) can be packaged or filled without changing the sensor settings. Finally, the LFP impresses through its maintenance-free operation.

The LFP is a sustainable solution for a variety of reasons. As a result of the possibility of combining continuous level measurements with the detection of limit levels this 2-in-1 device concept eliminates the costs of a second system. The possibility of individual adaptation of the measurement path by simply shortening the probe is particularly economical, efficient and sustainable. Moreover, the LFP offers changeable, hygienic process connections. All these attributes offer producers of packaging machines maximum flexibility in the equipping of differently sized containers with just one sensor type.

LFP – flexible, robust and hygiene-compliant level measurement without a minimum shelf life.


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