UK Calibration Service for Microtronics BlueForce and SpeedForce EN 12445 Impact Force Testers

Applied Measurements are now offering a UK-based, UKAS traceable calibration service for all Microtronics BlueForce and SpeedForce EN 12445 / EN 12453 gate impact force tester models.

It is vital to have your impact force tester calibrated every 12 months to ensure that it is performing to specification and giving accurate force readings, as well as maintaining your CE documentation portfolio with an up-to-date calibration certificate.

We offer two levels of service to choose from depending on the urgency of your requirement; 7 working days, priced at £149.00 GBP, or an accelerated 3 working days priced at £169.00 GBP. Return shipment of the meter via a next day City Link service is included free of charge and a new calibration certificate is also issued.

If you are a member of the AESIF (Automatic Entrace Systems Installers Federation) you are entitled to a special discounted price on both our levels of calibration service when purchased directly from Applied Measurements.


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