CFast Card

Noting the recent release of the new CFast standard from the Compact Flash Association, ITT Interconnect Solutions recognized the applicability to integrate our innovative card kit designs with this standard and address the growing consumer demand for increased functionality in smaller and lighter packaging. Recognizing that the new standard integrates both parallel (PATA) and serial (SATA) interfaces into hot swappable 24 pin configurations, ICS utilized our comprehensive
understanding of customer requirements for tamper resistance and 100% assured reliability to realize a complete line of CFast host / module connectors accommodating our industry leading and patented ultrasonic welding technology.

Driven by consumer requests, ITT Interconnect Solutions is pleased to introduce our new line of CFast two piece cover sets and 24 pin connectors in kits meeting
both the Type I or Type II packaging requirements. Utilizing our patented ultrasonic welding technology, a process demonstrated with 100% reliability for nearly 12 years, the ICS CFast products provide the most secure (tamper proof), rigid, and robust card kit solution on the market today. Our patented ultrasonic technology directly enables our customers to streamline their manufacturing processes by providing a lean, 6-sigma product realization capability, while ensuring a cost
effective solution with the highest possible manufacturing yields. Recognizing our 20 years of collaborating, designing, and delivering innovative card kit solutions,
many wireless and consumer customers consider Interconnect Solutions the card kit supplier of choice, with trust earned by the reliable supply of over 20 million card kits.


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