Polish Language Literature Benefits UK Manufacturers

Metalworking fluids specialist, Master Chemical Europe, has just added Polish to its choice of language options for product literature. And although this introduction is primarily to serve the company's growing market in Poland there are benefits for UK manufacturers too.

The number of foreign workers entering the UK reached two million for the first time in 2008 and the numbers have risen ever since. A significant proportion of these are from Eastern Europe and many are making a positive economic contribution in UK manufacturing.

The availability of its metalworking fluids literature in Czech, Estonian and now Polish will help UK business owners communicate the benefits of the Master Chemical products to their migrant workers from Eastern Europe.

Master Chemical Europe based in Needham Market has two primary roles. It is the development centre for the company’s range of metalworking fluids formulated specifically for the needs of the European manufacturer and also the sales and service hub for its European distributor network.

Poland has benefited significantly from this dedicated resource and in tandem with its Polish distributor, Azoterm, Master Chemical Europe continues to win new business in the country, particularly for its TRIM® E905 high performance cutting and grinding fluid.


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