New Surface-Mount 2410 Fuses Provide High I2t Characteristics

TE Circuit Protection announces the 2410SFV family of 20 new AC/DC fuses featuring current ratings from 0.5A to 20.0A. The 2410 fuses help provide secondary-side circuit protection, conserve board space and reduce design costs in a broad array of high-voltage, high-current designs. Typical applications include home appliances (LCD TV LED backlighting, LCD TV CCFL backlighting) and LED lighting, as well as office automation, industrial and medical equipment.

Available in an ultra-thin (6.1x2.5mm) SMD package, 2410SFV fuses offer I2t characteristics as high as any similar SMD device on the market. They also offer a nominal cold resistance (DCR) from 0.0034Ω to 0.231Ω and a high-interrupt current from 50A to 300A. Rated for operation at temperatures ranging from -55 degrees C up to 125 degrees C, the fuses' high-inrush current withstand capability minimizes nuisance tripping during transient overload conditions.

As wire-in-air (WIA) fuses, the 2410SFV products feature a straight wire configuration. As surface-mount devices they provide a rugged, single-piece package that speeds assembly time and is compatible with standard pick-and-place SMD processes. Additionally, the 2410SFV fuses' structure minimizes the risk of the end cap of the device becoming dislodged, a feature not offered by most competitive devices. In accordance with industry standards and trends for green products, the fuses are 100% lead- and halogen-free and are RoHS-compliant and UL listed.

"Today's consumer, appliance, lighting, power and telecom industries increasingly demand designs that save board space and assembly costs and also meet stringent performance, safety and environmental requirements," said Jason Zhao, Senior Product Manager. "These new AC/DC fuses exceed industry standards and offer a wide range of cost and performance benefits. In addition to providing a comprehensive selection of 2410SFV fuses with market-leading features, TE Circuit Protection offers global design support to help applications engineers identify the best solution for their design challenges."


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