Q-Mark Fiber Laser Marking System

Occasionally, the Synrad Applications Lab receives a processing request where the CO2 wavelength does not interact effectively because of specific absorption characteristics of the material under test. A shorter wavelength laser is often more effective for processing these materials, which include metals like bare aluminum, copper, and brass or plastics that require a distinct color change.

In partnership with our sister GSI Lasers company, Quantronix Lasers, we can now recommend the Q-Mark 20W Fiber Laser Marking System. The Q-Mark fiber laser is a 20 watt Yb (Ytterbium) laser with an output at 1062 nm (higher powers are available).

This Class 4 marking package includes the computer and laser control unit in a rack mount chassis, a monitor, the marking head (along with mounting bracket), a 15 foot fiber umbilical, and Q-Mark Design Commander software. For high-level automation, an optional I/O package is available. The marking head includes a visible diode pointer and supports a flat-field lens assembly with your choice of either 3.6”, 5.6”, or 11” square mark fields.

Quantronix’s Design Commander laser marking software has a full suite of drawing tools, supports TrueType fonts and popular 1D and 2D codes, includes import capability for both vector and raster files, and provides several hatch fill options. In addition, Design Commander features a visual Flow Control Editor that allows you to drag and drop I/O, database, formula, DLL, and flow control (conditional logic) elements to fully automate the marking process.


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