Michell Retrofits Older Aluminum Oxide Moisture Measurement Systems with New Ceramic Sensor Multi-Channel Moisture Analyzers

Michell Instruments has launched the Promet I.S. and Liquidew I.S. process moisture analyzers for gases and liquids. These new analyzers can easily be retrofitted into existing aluminum oxide moisture analyzer installations. The Michell intrinsically safe ceramic moisture sensor transmitter, the basis of the new analyzers, may be installed in a hazardous area directly into existing aluminum oxide sampling systems using existing cabling.

A new Michell multi-channel format enables the control of up to four pressure compensated or temperature compensated, gas or liquid moisture measurement channels within a single 19 inch rack unit. Measurement of moisture in process gases and liquids can be easily combined in a single analyzer system. This multi-channel format keeps cost per channel to a minimum and each channel functions independently, ideal in situations where redundancy is required for safety.

Dew points as low as -100°C are measured with traceability to national standards. Automatic unit conversion to a wide range of alternative moisture parameters allows the user complete flexibility to select their preferred unit of measurement. Michell ceramic sensor transmitter-based analyzers are used in thousands of process moisture measurement systems world-wide.


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