The Matrix......... LOADED!!

Advanced Dynamics Limited is proud to announce the UK launch of the brand new Eurokett MATRIX range of label dispensers.

Utilising the very best and latest stepper motor drive technology the MATRIX offers a truly unrivalled level of accuracy, reliability, flexibility and ease of control in a label dispenser. The dispensers will come in two ranges, the MATRIX 30 and MATRIX 50.

Advanced Dynamics’ Joint Managing Director Malcolm Little enthused “In the new Matrix range of dispensers we truly have a machine worthy of taking over from the workhorse Eurokett Junior. After a lot of hard work and considerable thought we have developed a dispenser that will offer a greater degree of flexibility of operations through a comprehensive array of modular components. Through selective assembly the Matrix can offer simple standard speed flash labelling through to high speed placement with a maintained accuracy of +/- 0.5mm. This will allow us to respond quicker to our customers’ ever expanding and diverse range of labelling requirements. This is great development for us”…………….. See; I told you he enthused, didn’t I??


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