The New Bürkert TwinPower Technology

Our revolutionary TwinPower technology uses two coils. Therefore our solenoid valves are 50% smaller than standard valves with same performance. More minimum for your great ideas.

Our new TwinPower technology operates with two coils instead of only one as before. This means greater freedom when it comes to energy efficiency, miniaturisation and performance: our TwinPower solenoid valves take up 50% less installation space whilst offering the same fluid switching capacity, which makes them the best performing valves on the market in their class. The new dual-coil concept also permits electrical power consumption to be reduced by 75%.

The new TwinPower solenoid valves 6624/6626 rely on the tried-and-tested, reliable and globally successful rocker principle with separation of media. The innovation in the type 6624/6626 TwinPower concerns the TwinPower actuators with two solenoid coils which make it possible to build a significantly smaller valve. The principle remains the same - but with significant advantages such as optimised cleanability and a significantly reduced heat transfer into the medium. Further information on our new TwinPower solenoid valves:

  • Solenoid valve type 6624
  • Solenoid valve type 6626: further information is available shortly

Our new TwinPower technology means that your system has an even brighter future. The dimensions of our solenoid valves have been reduced significantly, by up to 50%, which adds up to:

  • a system that takes up less space,
  • less use of material for the manifolds
  • and a reduced internal volume of the overall system.


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