Optimal Drying for High Quality Plastic Parts

Automotive suppliers have to meet strict requirements when producing plastic parts for car manufacturers. One critical parameter to be monitored continuously is the moisture content of plastic pellets. Veeser Plastic-Werke in Germany relies on Moisture Analyzers to guarantee the production of high-quality plastic parts.
Veeser Plastic produces a wide range of car components and meets all the quality requirements set by renowned car manufacturers. Regular surveys of weight and other measuring points by an authorized operator are only a few of the systematic actions ensuring that each plastic part meets the customer’s expectations. Particular attention is paid to the drying procedure of the plastic pellets. Materials, such as ABS, which are frequently used for automotive parts, are sensitive to moisture and the appropriate drying of raw material (pellets) prior to molding is mandatory in order to obtain optimally processed plastic parts.

Ready for the Next Audit
Certifying the proper function of the plastic pellet dryer, however, is complex and requires tedious data collection. It is much easier to verify the moisture level of a pellet with a METTLER TOLEDO Halogen Moisture Analyzer. The measurement is fast and easy to perform without any chemicals or additional reagents. All test parameters and results can be printed out automatically for full data trail documentation.

Regular sample checks are sufficient to verify that the moisture content of the pellets lies within the prescribed limits. Jürgen Rey, master in plastics technology, appreciates METTLER TOLEDO’s reliable and easy to use instrument that opened the door to the automotive industry for Veeser Plastics: “This is a very efficient way to monitor the drying procedure and it absolutely satisfies the auditors visiting us every few months.”


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