Penny + Giles Produces New Industrial Solenoids Brochure

Penny + Giles, a business unit of Curtiss-Wright Controls and a designer and manufacturer of position sensors, solenoids, and joystick controllers, has announced the availability of a brochure and a technical datasheet introducing its new standard range of industrial solenoids.

The brochure outlines Penny + Giles’ approach to the design and development of solenoids for OEM applications and introduces its standard range including open-frame, tubular, AC laminated and latching versions. The more in-depth technical datasheet introduces the solenoid and offers background on the range of options available including AC/DC versions, force and stroke type and temperature and protection classes.

“While the brochure features a representative selection of the standard range of Penny + Giles solenoids, from our experience as a leading UK-based linear motion solutions provider we understand that many of our customers will require bespoke solenoids or variations based on one of our standard designs.” says Kevin Rayment, managing director of Penny + Giles Controls. “For those customers best served with custom solutions, the technical datasheet will be especially helpful in emphasising the versatility of the solenoid and the options that we offer.”

Penny + Giles is a global design and manufacturing resource for industrial solenoids, headquartered in the U.K. and coupled with a facility in Zhuhai, China. In 2008, the company acquired Mechetronics, a global supplier of solenoids and solenoid valves, and recently completed the integration of these products and services into the Penny + Giles product family. The company’s broad range of cost-effective custom and standard solenoid products is positioned to service a growing global market.


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