Side Slide SIM Connector Allows for Side Ways Card Insertion

TE Connectivity, formerly Tyco Electronics, introduces a side slide SIM connector that provides a side entry for SIM card applications. TE's side slide SIM connector offers protection against incorrect SIM card insertion. A SIM card can only be fully inserted into the connector sideways with the chamfered card edge first. The most important feature of TE's side slide SIM connector, according to Olive Wu, product specialist of Mobile Devices at TE, is its user-friendly design.

It is common that some cell phone users may hurt their fingers when inserting the SIM card into the connector, while others may scratch the card and result in data damage when they fail to insert it properly. With TE's side slide SIM connector, users will benefit from the design that helps them to insert SIM card correctly and easily.

"Every touchable edge on the shell and housing is chamfered and avoids finger cuts," says Olive. "This includes the test holes in the shield, which help customers save manufacturing cost," she adds. Every contact area of the connector is a spherical surface with a gradual slope, which can efficiently protect the contacts against abuse. TE's side slide SIM connector offers a full shield that better addresses possible EMI (electromagnetic interference) issues.


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