Rittal Corporation and CommScope Develop Integrated Server Enclosure Solution

CommScope, Inc., a global leader in infrastructure solutions for communications networks, and Rittal Corporation, the industry leader in IT enclosure design, have created and unveiled a unique integrated enclosure concept that is the first pre-terminated server enclosure solution on the market.

The InstaPATCH® ZERO™ server cabinet solution from CommScope is built on a modular 600mm-wide server enclosure equipped with pre-terminated cabling cassettes that require zero space in vertical racks—enabling full server deployment. Coupled with a 4U mini rack mounted above the cabinet, it provides copper and fiber connectivity in an integrated, modular system. The unique “roll-in” and “plug-in” server enclosure deployment facilitates best practices in intra-cabinet cable management.

This, the latest in the InstaPATCH product line from CommScope, helps to provide complete end-to-end pre-terminated structured cable solutions to make server cabinet deployment quicker, more efficient and readily adaptable to the expanding needs as a data center evolves.

“Working with another world-class company to provide unique solutions to the IT industry’s enclosure needs gives Rittal a larger stage on which to demonstrate the quality and versatility of its rack and cabinet technology,” says Jim Nichols, Vice President of Marketing and Service for Rittal Corporation.

“By developing this integrated solution with industry leader Rittal Corporation, we provide customers the advantages of the latest technology in enclosure design and configuration along with the latest in cabling technology,” explains George Brooks, Senior Vice President of Data Center Business Unit for CommScope. “The InstaPATCH ZERO solution allows customers to select a turn-key option designed for rapid server deployment and change management, regardless of the server equipment selected. By helping our customers deploy a high value solution today, we can also help them save time, money, space, plan for the growth of tomorrow and realize a higher investment value.”

“Combining the two technologies will allow organizations to adopt pre-terminated and flexible cabling solutions for easier and faster server deployments in installations where space is at a real premium,” adds Nichols.

The InstaPATCH ZERO server cabinet solution will be available in the North, Central and South America regions in mid-May.


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