MAGNOM Core Technology Eliminates the Primary Cause of Premature Gearbox Failures in Wind Turbines

Premature gearbox failures in wind turbine installations have cost wind farm operators dearly in repair costs and lost productivity.

Recent tests confirm that MAGNOM Cores remove the very small, very hard and extremely damaging shards of ferrous contamination that trigger the chain reaction of wear in wind turbine gearboxes!
Wind Turbine Test Conditions

  • Turbine used – NEG Micon 750 kw
  • Turbine/Gearbox in service – 5+ years
  • Gearbox serviced regularly as per manufacturer’s specifications (filters replaced every six months)
  • Filter in system – standard 10 micron rating
  • MAGNOM placed in lube circuit directly after barrier-type filter
  • Contaminants removed by MAGNOM had passed through barrier filter

The MAGNOM Core Technology is easy to install, simple to maintain, and safe to operate. MAGNOM Cores will not restrict flow or cause a loss of line pressure and are never in ‘bypass’ mode. MAGNOM products are available from FTL Technology


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