New TCD Technology Brings Class-Leading Argon and Nitrogen Measurement to SERVOPRO MultiExact

Now offering using class-leading measurements of argon and nitrogen using the world’s first true Thermal Conductivity (TCD) process gas analyser, the Servomex SERVOPRO MultiExact further raises the standard as a comprehensive analyser solution for ASU plants. Servomex TCD uses innovative new TruRef technology to eliminate the distorting effects of changing thermal mass and thermal convection, giving exceptional measurement accuracy and stability that augments measurements for O2 Purity, O2 Control, O2 Trace, CO2 Trace and N2O Trace made by Servomex’s paramagnetic, zirconia cell and Gfx photometric technologies respectively.

TruRef technology co-locates the reference and measure elements under isothermal conditions in the sample gas, eliminating the effects of changing sample conditions such as pressure and flow. The result is a measurement which delivers class-leading performance for drift accuracy, linearity and repeatability, making it ideal for use in product purity and process control applications. In addition, TruRef technology avoids the measurement inaccuracies inherent in competitor katharometer technologies, which use a sealed reference cell or flowing reference gas. Cost-of-ownership is also reduced due to longer calibration intervals and avoiding the requirement for a reference gas.

The TCD measurement is fully supported through stable and robust performance offered by the SERVOPRO MultiExact, with control optimised via a full range of communication options that includes RS232 serial communications, Ethernet connectivity and Modbus via RS485. The MultiExact also offers NAMUR-compliant fault relay functions, allowing alarms, maintenance and service-in-progress messages to be communicated remotely.

The MultiExact is available in bench top, panel or 19” rackmount options, with a dual component capability enables two measurements to be installed in a compact short chassis, reducing the unit’s footprint to help save valuable space.

The MultiExact with new TCD measurement is therefore the ideal single-unit solution for process control and product purity measurement for ASU plants, as well as for use in argon recovery.


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