Easy Software Integration for Laser Scanners

To process the recorded profile information from the laser scanner further, the scanner must be integrated into a software application such as LabView® or Geomagic Qualify®. Conventional laser scanners very often leave this task to the user, who has to perform labour-intensive programming work to ensure that the data is correctly integrated and processed.

When working with the scanCONTROL laser scanner, the user is aided by freely available, ready-to-use software packages. A software development kit is available for C/C++. If the user works with LabView, help is provided by a ready-to-use device driver, which can then be directly integrated with the user's own virtual instruments (VIs) via modules. The Geomagic Qualify inspection software, with which measured profiles can be compared directly with the target model, works via a plug-in. This plug-in is included in the software and it makes all the functions of the scanCONTROL laser scanner directly available.

This all makes it easier than ever to integrate the scanCONTROL in application software.


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