Nemesis Mini Circular Connector

Soldiers are being equipped with advanced technology at an increasing rate resulting in a unified system where they become the primary decision making point for missions. Countries are investing heavily into soldier modernisation programs to enhance these C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computer & Intelligence) systems to increase survivability and lethality. The data transmission levels for complex equipment such as a GPS based situational awareness systems has driven the interconnection requirements to higher levels resulting in the need for a new breed of connectors.

Recognizing the Soldier Technology trend towards survivability, functionality, and adaptability with complex modern interfaces, ITT Interconnect Solutions continues
our innovation strategy, a legacy extending nearly 100 years, with the fielding of our new mini-circular line, Nemesis.

Announcing the Nemesis line of minicircular connectors, ITT Interconnect Solutions proudly releases the most comprehensive small circular connector offering
in the Soldier Technology industry. Our unique offering provides sealability to either IP67 or IP68, a lightweight and adaptable platform, and unique functionality
such as "Super Clean" plugs and "no profile" form factors, ensuring the highest level of capability within demanding harsh environment situations. The unique capability afforded by the Nemesis product range ensures application capability in markets extending beyond defense, including but not limited to Medical, Marine, and Handhelds.

The innovative and patented Nemesis range affords customers in the varied industries of Soldier Technology, Medical, Marine, and Handhelds to realize 60%
reductions in typical applications while enhancing the sealability, functionality, and design characteristics of their latest products. Partnered with ITT ICS’s pioneering engineering capability and globally deployed manufacturing excellence, we welcome your opportunity to define, execute, and realise the next generation of soldier systems technology and establish the correct supply capability, localised to your unique needs.


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