WEG Motors in Service of the Environment in Egypt

Supply to the Egyptian Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Development has modernized the main station for sewage treatment in the state of Ismailia.

Brazilian technology is helping to reduce the environmental impact in Egypt. In partnership with Lotas Comércio Exterior, WEG supplied six 865 KW motors to Orascom Construction Industries. The equipment, already installed, has doubled the capacity of the main sewage treatment station of the Egyptian state of Ismailia.

The supply of the motors is part of the ABU ATWA Sewage Pumping Station, a project of the National Organization for Potable Water and Sanitary Drainage - NOPWASD, a sector of the Egyptian Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Development. The state of Ismailia is located in northeastern Egypt along the Suez Canal, and has more than 940 thousand inhabitants. Based in Cairo, Orascom, an engineering and construction company, was responsible for building the project and also for importing the WEG motors.

The six MAR450 865KW 6P 3300V 50Hz V1 motors were shipped in April last year to the port of Alexandria and have been in full operation since August. Before replacing the old equipment with WEG solutions, the station had only half the current capacity. Today, it receives waste from other secondary stations in 23 cities in the region and transfers the collected material to another location where the sewage is treated.

This is the first time that WEG provides equipment to the Egyptian Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Development and it represents the company's official entry in the water-sewage segment in that country. Orascom engineer Amr Eissa, technical manager responsible for the ABU ATWA project, says that WEG is already in the list of suppliers for new projects. "We are very pleased with the excellent performance and efficiency of the motors. The on-time delivery, monitoring throughout the process and results of the tests were important to the project," he says.

To Reginaldo Rodrigues Alves of WEG's International Sales Department, the participation of the Egyptian-Brazilian Lotas Comércio Exterior office in Cairo was a plus in the successful negotiation. For Abdel Wahab Mansour, CEO of the Lotas Group in Egypt and Brazil, WEG is already renowned in many international markets and the efforts and investments to meet the requirements of the Egyptian Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Development and Orascom have paid off.

Orascom is part of one of the largest holdings in Egypt, present in areas such as engineering and construction, computers, transportation, telecommunications and tourism in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia. The company employs more than 40,000 people and operates in more than 100 projects in 20 countries.


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