Working Environment Safe from Hazardous Conditions

PVM® V819 technology provides microscope quality images in process environments The probe-based PVM® (Particle Vision & Measurement) is designed for easy installation directly into a pipeline, reactor or other vessel in order to capture real-time particle and droplet images as they naturally exist in processes at full process concentration and under typical process temperatures and pressures.

Particles and droplets can be studied and monitored in their natural environment without the need for sampling and sample preparation, which can expose workers to hazardous process materials or conditions. Images of particles and crystals, as they naturally exist in processes, also provide a level of insight that cannot be gained through offline sampling and analysis where dilution and sample preparation can drastically change the properties of the materials.

Increased process understanding from in-process PVM® images and image analysis can help to identify the root cause of process disturbances and facilitate the faster optimization and more dependable control of complex particle and droplet processes.


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