True Machine Train Alignment - Wireless and Simultaneously

The shaft alignment of machine trains with two or more couplings can now be achieved within the shortest possible time.

ROTALIGN ULTRA measures simultaneously and continuously, the alignment condition of up to 6 couplings. This Expert Shaft add-on module runs on the ROTALIGN Ultra platform and utilizes the unique ROTALIGN 5-axis sensor technology which guarantees the highest precision and straightforward measurement. Wireless communication instantly allows data transfer between all the sensors and the computer. 'Live' Move function monitors in real time both the horizontal and vertical corrections of all the machines simultaneously.


  • Simultaneous and continuous measurement - up to 6 couplings
  • Wireless data transfer between the ROTALIGN ULTRA computer and the sensors.
  • Ability to enter both targets and thermal growth.
  • Simultaneous horizontal and vertical 'live' moves.
  • Graphical color alignment reports in PDF.
  • Different measurement modes available for each individual coupling.
  • 3D machine graphics
  • Color tolerance arrows assist user during machine corrections.

Available as an add-on package to the ROTALIGN ULTRA.


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