Ultra Compact 15-40 Watt Power Supplies with PCB or Chassis Mount Options

XP Power announced today two additions to its range of ultra compact high power density AC-DC power supplies. New products include the introduction of the encapsulated single output ECE series, and multiple output models of the existing ECL family.

The ECE20 are encapsulated PCB mount 20 Watt devices, measuring just 27.7 x 52.4 x 23.0 mm (1.07 x 2.06 x 0.91 inches), while the ECE40 units measure only 38.1 x 78.7 x 27.9 mm (1.50 x 3.10 x 1.10 inches) and have up to 40 Watts output. The ECE40 are also encapsulated and are available in either a PCB mount version, or chassis mount package with screw terminals. Both the ECE20 and ECE40 series have a power density of 9.97 / 7.82 Watts per cubic inch. The ECE20 is 38 percent smaller than the previous 15 Watt models.

They are believed to be the smallest 20 and 40 Watt encapsulated product on the market and have the highest power density in their respective categories.

Providing all the popular nominal output voltages from +3.3 to + 48 VDC, the single output ECE series is ideal for a broad range of low power applications in space constrained designs.

Also being released are dual and triple output 15 Watt and 30 Watt versions of the popular ECL series. These compact supplies, with sizes starting from just 30.7 x 62.0 x 24.4 mm (1.20 x 2.44 x 0.96 inches) for the 15 Watt open frame PCB mount models, are available in open frame or encapsulated PCB mount, and chassis mount with either connectors or screw terminals. The new multiple output models provide combinations of +/-12, +/-15, 5/12, 5/+/-12 and 5/+/-15 VDC outputs.

All units across the ECE and ECL ranges feature a no load input power of less than 0.3 W helping customer’s end-products comply with internationally recognized energy efficiency standards. Both series also meets XP Power’s ‘green power’ limits.
Operating from as low as -10 degrees C and up to +50 degrees without derating, the converters can operate in most environments without the need for additional heat sinks or forced airflow. Operation up to +70 degrees C is possible with derating.

The units comply with EN550022 level B standard for both conducted and radiated emissions without the need for additional filtering components. The ECE and ECL series are available from either Farnell, Newark & element14 or direct from XP Power and have a 3 year warranty.


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