Total Control with the Batch Controller RA33

The RA33 Batch Controller provides precise results and at the same time easy handling through

  • automatic correction of overrun quantity
    • Closing a mechanical valve needs time. The flow that takes place in the time between the Batch Controller closing command and the actual flow stop can significantly influence the accuracy of the filling. The Batch Controller records these quantities and corrects them with a time-shifted closing command. The measurement of the overrun quantity is done in the background at each further filling process and is then continuously corrected. Thus even continuous changes due to e.g. valve aging or deposits in the piping system are compensated.
  • volume correction
    • High cost products such as mineral oils require a compensation of external factors like pressure and temperature. These influence the volume of the mineral oil and thus affect the accuracy of the filling process. The correction is described in the standard ASTM D1250-04 and in API MPMS 11.1. Two possible calculation methods are available in the RA33 Batch Controller.

The RA33 Batch Controller enables:

  • Swift and at the same time accurate dosing by means of two-stage control
  • High-precision measurement with automatic correction of overrun quantity and temperature / density compensation
  • Quick and easy operation via function keys and numeric keypad
  • Complete control due to a flexible output control
  • Safety through hardware setup lock and lead-sealable housingCost benefit due to mass calculation from volume flow and temperature measurement


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