SIM Card Connectors for "Smarter" Applications

Whilst SIM cards are synonymous with mobile phones, they are ideal for other applications, allowing real-time communication. The six circuit SIM card connector from GTK has inbuilt card detection and a "push push" mechanism that facilitates positive insertion and removal of the card. This connector is compliant to the GSM 11.11 standard, and has a life of at least 5000 cycles. The connector housing material is 94V-0 plastic, with phosphor bronze surface mount contacts and it works in operating temperatures ranging from - 40°C to + 85°C. The product is supplied as standard in tape and reel format.

The growing volume usage of SIM cards in Smartphones, PC tablet products and smart metering solutions makes them extremely cost effective. Tom Hennessey, Business Manager for Connectors and Cables Assemblies at GTK said, "One of our longstanding utility metering customers uses a SIM card as the communication medium to transmit data back to the utility supplier, for monitoring and billing purposes. Our SIM card connector permits positive registration of the card and locks it into position. We are seeing an increased level of interest for this product in non-mobile applications as OEM's realise its wider potential."


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