Silent Evo Autonomous Cooling Units

In oil hydraulic systems, some of the hydraulic and mechanical energy transforms itself into heat, which alters the fluid temperature throughout the whole hydraulic system. The need therefore arises to dissipate the heat by use of the heat exchanger.

In many cases, due to the presence in the circuit of hammering and variable oil flows, it is not possible to connect the heat exchanger directly to the oil return circuit. These off line air/oil cooling units have been developed with a low noise level, automatically taking the oil in circulation, cooling it and returning it to circulation.

These off line Silent Evo cooling systems incorporate a screw pump system, which is activated by an electric motor, which operates on air/oil heat exchanger with greater efficiency. All models composed and controlled hydraulically are housed in a metal housing, fully accessible for servicing and parts exchange.

The simplicity of installation allows heat and filtration problems to be carried out easily. Compatible fluids: MINERAL OILS, HL HLP. For other fluids contact the jbj Techniques technical office.


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