Sherborne Sensors Launches U2000 Ultra Low Profile Tension and Compression Force Transducer

The Sherborne Sensors U2000 is a miniature tension and compression load cell that maintains precision accuracy in the harshest of environments. Available in standard load ranges from ±1 to ±25 kN, it is ideal for use in applications where space is limited. Manufactured in Sherborne Sensors' modern facility, from aerospace quality stainless steel, the U2000 is rated to IP54, is corrosion resistant and is able to operate over a wide temperature range from -4 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit.

Offering a combination of functionality, performance and ultra-reliability, its low deflection and high frequency response characteristics are especially beneficial for both
materials testing and high-speed load measurement applications, particularly where peak forces are being monitored. Its robust, shear web design incorporates multiple strain gauges, strategically placed to counteract and minimise errors associated with unwanted side or axial forces.

Sherborne Sensors can customize all of its force transducers and load cells to meet specific customer requirements within its AS9100B Quality Management System.


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