Saint-Gobain Launches Sustainable SOLGLIDE® Bearings at CSP Today

New product lines provide cost-effective, environmental solutions for solar technologies

Saint-Gobain Solar, a global leader in supplying high-performance materials and components to Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractors and structure suppliers, will be launching its SOLGLIDE® T and SOLGLIDE® M families of bearings at the CSP Today Summit (June 29-30; Las Vegas, Nevada). Free of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and heavy metals, such as lead, both product lines contain non-corrosive, durable materials to provide sustainability-enhancing solutions for reducing the costs of the initial investment, operations and maintenance in concentrated solar plants (CSP).

Designed with a unique fluoropolymer, both families of bearings are chemically resistant and self-lubricating. They also perform under wide temperature range (between -200°C and 260°C) and exhibit no corrosion or loss of integrity under ultraviolet (UV) light. These properties make the bearings 100 percent weather-proof and maintenance free. The advanced durability of the economical bearings helps to reduce the costs of maintenance while the lack of heavy metals contributes to a more environmentally-friendly design.

SOLGLIDE M and T Bearings, SolarSOLGLIDE® T bearings are available with either steel or aluminium backings with proprietary polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) based compounds. When equipped with 1.5 mm thick steel backings, the SOLGLIDE® T offers superior “entrance area” performance while the 3 mm thick aluminium SOLGLIDE® T bearings provide an easy “drop in” solution as well as superior structure capability when paired with aluminium frames. The SOLGLIDE® M family of bearings come standard at 1.57 mm thick with all stainless steel backings and provides superior corrosion-resistance for applications requiring long-time durability and load requirements in challenging environments.

Dimensions of the bearings are customizable and Saint-Gobain experts will work with manufacturers to determine which sizes work best for their particular applications. Saint-Gobain also offers product testing capabilities to ensure that the bearings will function flawlessly in the given application and, with a wide range of production facilities worldwide, can provide the logistical benefits of local production.

“As demand rises for renewable energy sources, EPC contractors and their suppliers require components that live up to the same eco-friendly promises of their products,” said Janaki Weiden, Solar Market Manager, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics. “The SOLGLIDE® T and M families of bearings are designed from long-lasting, non-corrosive materials to present environmental solutions without ever compromising performance or durability. Moreover, they offer cost-savings – because the manufacture of sustainability-enhancing products should also be a sustainable business.”

With extensive research, development, design, testing and manufacturing facilities around the world, Saint-Gobain’s engineers can rapidly develop custom-made solar solutions tailored to individual demands and parameters. These solutions can range from small but critical items such as tapes for thermosolar applications to the more prominent structures like central receiver towers and solar chimneys – all essential tools for solar companies to enhance manufacturing efficiencies, cut costs and maximize results.

Additional to the SOLGLIDE® Bearings, products for the solar industry to be showcased at CSP Today include, SGG DIAMANT SOLAR extra clear glass, SGG MIRALITE SOLAR parabolic and flat mirrors, advanced silicon carbide ceramics for solar receivers, engineered ceramic media for thermal energy storage and SOLARBOND tapes.


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