Saelig Debuts New Modular C-programmable Control System

Saelig Company, Inc. announces MOACON - a new, programmable modular industrial control system. Its mix-and-match design enables customers to select and assemble just the modules needed for a specific requirement, while providing adaptability for future change.

MOACON's primary features include: modular rail mounting C-programmability with a 32-bit ARM Processor, USB downloading and debugging with free integrated development environment MOACON Studio software. MOACON offers a powerful CPU Module for fast and complex computation and data processing, while individual modules can be added for Digital I/O, Relay Output, Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analog Conversion, Motor control, Temperature Monitoring, RS-232 Communication, Ethernet, etc.

MOACON's core processing module features a 32-bit ARM CORTEX with a clock speed of 72MHz, 512KB Flash program memory, 64KB SRAM of data memory, and 32KB of non-volatile F-RAM for retaining constants and calibrations. A built-in battery-backed Real-Time Clock is provided, as well as an RS-232 Port, an LCD and 7-Segment Control Port, all running from conventional internally regulated 24V power.

The free integrated development environment software MOACON Studio features a C compiler, source editor, RS-232 communication, USB downloading and easy debugging. The source editor features syntax highlighting, command completion, and context sensitive Help - making learning, developing, and testing MOACON software projects truly efficient and productive.

Used in combination with the I/O expansion modules, MOACON can support up to 256 ports, with 48 default digital I/O ports, 128 expandable digital input ports, and 80 expandable relay output ports. Expansion modules are available which include capabilities for functions such as: DC source outputs , relay output, DC inputs, A/D input (13- and 16-bit), PT100 temperature sensing, 16 bit D/A (current or voltage), serial communications (RS232/RS485), Ethernet, high-speed counter, encoder input, PWM output, stepper motor control, etc.


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