Quadrant's new "Food Grade" stock shapes compliant with EC 1935 / 2004

The introduction of its new “Food Grade” designated product family makes Quadrant the first thermoplastics stock-shape producer to be in line with all aspects of the regulation EC 1935 / 2004, including providing a model declaration of conformity.

The new “Food Grade” family addresses the latest amendments to the EU-wide regulation relating to food contact compliancy of materials including plastics. This demands a declaration of compliancy not only in terms of raw material composition, but that the various materials should present measured migration limits depending on the food stuff they will come into contact with, the duration of contact, and the temperature under which it will be used.

With the launch of the Food Grade products the formerly required food contact compliance certificates according to directive 2002/72/ EC will be replaced as of April 4, 2011. The creation of a new food compliant family is based on Quadrant’s migration limit tests and offers customers not only time savings on their application specific testing, but also the advantage of traceability along the entire value chain and control of the production process following Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). It also ensures maximum hygiene and non-contamination of food stuff that comes into contact with Quadrant’s materials.

The Quadrant Food Grade family consists of engineering plastics from several ranges including Nylatron®, Acetron®, Ertacetal®, Ertalyte®, Ketron®, TIVAR®, Techtron® and Symalit®. The new material grades will be labelled “Food Grade” and marketed under “Food Grade Nylatron®, Food Grade Acetron®” et cetera. These products are suitable for machined parts used in equipment for producing, processing or packaging foodstuff, convenience goods, and beverages which are in contact with food goods.

Additional food grades are being developed from Quadrant’s broad portfolio of engineering plastics in order to meet future market needs.

“Tightening regulations governing plastics and food contact makes it imperative for all producers of plastics’ solutions to review their declarations and to conduct extensive tests on their food contact materials,” comments Dr. Stephan Glander, Global Director Research & Market Development Quadrant EPP. “We are pleased to be the first thermoplastics stock-shape producer to offer customers a portfolio of Food Grades with a declaration of conformity with the new European regulation. This provides necessary assurance to our customers in the Food Processing Industry.”


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