PPT VISION IMPACT™ 10.1 Machine Vision Software Enables Faster, More Flexible Machine Vision Solutions

PPT VISION introduces IMPACT™ 10.1, the latest release of its standard machine vision software designed to create the fastest, most flexible machine vision inspection solutions. IMPACT 10.1 software can be used with any PPT VISION smart camera system, including the M-Series Embedded Vision System, an advanced system that allows users to perform up to four unique, independently initiated inspections utilizing a single vision processor.

“The introduction of IMPACT™ 10.1 software provides customers with the fastest option for using color, line scan and gray scale cameras together with a single vision processor to solve high-speed multi-camera inspection applications,” said Robert Heller, CEO of PPT VISION. “All 30 new models of our M-Series color and line scan cameras can quickly be connected to an M-Series processor because the cameras communicate using the industry standard GigE protocol,” Heller said. “For example, an M390 5M pixel color camera and an M40 Vision Processor running IMPACT™ 10.1 software can be set up in less than a week to provide best-in-class color image resolution not available from other suppliers.”

IMPACT™ 10.1 also includes new features and enhancements for all PPT VISION smart cameras, including:

  • An enhanced 2D data matrix inspection tool with improved robustness in the presence of noise around the symbol
  • Active X programming support for M series processors, for applications where a Visual Basic or other programming language is used for the graphic user interface or data transfer
  • Enhanced histogram and graphing capabilities for easier inspection tool setup and troubleshooting

All PPT VISION smart cameras and embedded systems use common IMPACT™ software for creating inspection programs and control panel interfaces. Using common software offers the fastest migration path to more powerful machine vision solutions because it allows customers to leverage the inspection programs they’ve already developed. The new IMPACT™ 10.1 software is available now.


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