Planning Software Makes Verification as per IEC 61439 Easy

The new IEC 61439-1/-2 standard for low voltage switchgear calls on switchgear manufacturers to provide more comprehensive documentation in terms of design certificates and performance characteristics than before. To this end, manufacturers are now given comprehensive support in planning and verifying standardized Ri4Power switchgear from Rittal in the guise of the new 6.0 version of the "Rittal Power Engineering" planning software.

Rittal has taken into account the demands of the new IEC 61439-1/-2 standard and offers the user comprehensive help in the new 6.0 version of the Power Engineering application. The main features of the new standard include extensive verification of the design of switchgear created by original switchgear manufacturer, as well as exact details of the rated currents of switching devices.

With Power Engineering, a suitable switching device can be selected - as early as the low-voltage switchgear preparation stage - that bears the current needed by the circuit. The protection category and the mounting location within the unit are also taken into account. Similarly, the software provides the appropriate design verification at the push of a button. The engineering tool offers check-lists, with which the switchgear manufacturer can check all the requirements that have to be considered during the planning and performance of the switchgear.

The software offers a blank form for the subsequent provision of individual evidence of items that must be compiled by every piece of switchgear. Check-lists included in the software also assist the manufacturer in conducting the tests needed to conduct and document the individual evidence of items.

Rittal Power Engineering supports users both with the Ri4Power modular system for low voltage switchgear, as well as with the low-voltage switchgear that consists of the TS 8 enclosure system and the RiLine60 modular busbar system.


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