Petroferm introduces new BIOACT® Aqueous Batch Defluxer for Lead-Free Pastes

BIOACT EC-78 Batch Defluxer, made with AquaEdge™ Technology, is highly recommended for cleaning today’s lead-free, no-clean and high temperature solder pastes in aqueous batch spray-in-air cleaning systems. Test results show that BIOACT EC-78, when used as directed, can clean popular paste flux residues from leading suppliers such as AIM, Alpha/Cookson, Heraeus, Indium, Kester, Qualitek, Senju and Umicore. The product’s outstanding cleaning power, high flux loading capacity, low foaming property and low environmental impact make BIOACT EC-78 ideal for cleaning assemblies, components, and microcircuits.

Petroferm Cleaning Products, a division of Petroferm Inc., develops, manufactures, and markets environmentally responsible cleaning agents to meet the increasing demands of today’s industrial manufacturing operations. Sold under the AXAREL, BIOACT, CleanSafe, HYDREX, LENIUM, RE-ENTRY and SOLVAG trade names, Petroferm products are used to clean precision parts during production, ranging from simple hand wipe applications to sophisticated multi-stage cleaning systems. Petroferm’s portfolio includes innovative formulations for all major cleaning process technologies including aqueous, semi-aqueous, non-aqueous, vapor degreasing and co-solvent vapor degreasing. As a global leader in precision cleaning, Petroferm’s cleaning agents are readily available throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia/Pacific regions.


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