PCB Retainers Offer High Clamping Force for Defence and Aerospace Systems

Now available from electronics packaging specialist Schroff is a series of PCB retainers that provide a clamping force of more than 4000N, making them ideal for use in the most challenging environments, especially those associated with defence and aerospace systems.

Manufactured by Calmark, the Card-Lok Series 280 retainers use a patented 5-wedge design to achieve both the high clamping force and the excellent thermal performance required for cold-plate heat-transfer applications.

The PCB retainers are made from aluminium alloy to minimise weight and can be specified with a choice of finishes, including black anodised, black hard anodised and electroless nickel.

Offered in three standard lengths of 71.1, 96.5 and 121.9mm, the Series 280 retainers have a height of 9.3mm and a width that is expandable from 9.7 to 11.7mm.

Available options include captive screws, locking screws and visual lock indicators, and the retainers can be supplied in special lengths or finishes on request.

Schroff, one of Calmark’s sister companies within the Pentair Technical Products Group, is now the exclusive UK supplier of the Calmark range of ruggedised PCB retainers.


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