Patlite Range of Safety Warning Lights - Signal Towers, Rotating Beacons and Light Bars

Signal towers are stacks of lights with from 1 to 5 colours that indicate machine status and give safety warnings. Signal lights are single colour non-rotating lights for status and warnings. Rotating beacons are single colour lights, similar to signal lights, but with the extra visibility that comes from motorised rotation. LED light bars give machine lighting that is bright, energy efficient and maintenance free.

Techdrives offer products from the Patlite Corporation, world leaders in safety signalling technology. Most products feature LED bulbs which give high visibility, a long service life typically more than 11 years use, and energy efficiency. Power requirements are typically as low as 1-2W per bulb. Patlite patented double and triple reflection systems achieve unsurpassed brightness from a range of viewing angles.

Towers are available in a range of diameters from 40 to 70mm with stacks of between 1 and 5 colours - red, amber, green, blue, white. Lights can be flashing or continuous and there is an optional warning buzzer. Supply is 24V ac or dc, alternatively 110 or 230V ac. Enclosure is generally to IP65. Wall mounted signal towers are also available. Enquire for other models - explosion proof, IP69K, wireless, PDeviceNet, 25, 30, 100mm diameters, voice annunciators


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