Panasonic 3-Series AC Geared Motors

Panasonic 3-series AC geared motors are compact designs suiting 1 and 3 phase supply in a power
range 6 to 90W. This new range with global approvals replaces the established G-series range, giving improved efficiency and longer life.

  • sealed for life and maintenance free, proven quality & reliability
  • global approvals CE/UL/cUL/CCC plus RoHS compliant
  • speeds from 0.7 to 500r/min with excellent availability

Panasonic 3-series are available as geared motors for fixed speed, with inverters for variable speed and with brakes for stop/start applications. Output speeds range from 0.7 to 450 r/min. Geared motors comprise of a gearhead with helical gears and a motor that is S1 duty (S2 for some brake motors). The wide range can be delivered quickly from stock parts.


The Panasonic geared motors are designed for 1 or 3 phase supply. The 6-40W models are all self cooled and the 60 and 90W units are supplied with a cooling fan. Gearboxes use a combination of helical and spur gears for high speed efficient running with grease lubrication. Standard ratios of 3:1 to 200:1. However, where higher ratios and lower speeds are required, an intermediate 10:1 decimal gearbox can be fitted.


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