P-545 PInano™ Trak High-Speed Piezo Tracking Stage

The low profile of 20 mm and special design to allow for a full slide to be mounted at the bottom set PInano™ piezo microscope stages apart. The PInano™ Trak version shown above is optimized for extremely fast motion and provides sub-nanometer resolution in up to three axes.

Application Examples

  • Super-resolution microscopy
  • 3D Imaging
  • Laser technology
  • Interferometry
  • Metrology
  • Biotechnology
  • Screening
  • Micromanipulation

High Speed, Long Travel, Low Profile, Ideal for Single Molecule Tracking
The new PInano™ Trak XY and XYZ high-speed piezo scanners are designed for extremely fast response such as required for single molecule tracking applications. The special low-profile design with a large aperture and recessed full size slide mount at the bottom of the stage allows easy integration into high-resolution inverted microscopes.

Cost Effective Design, High Performance
PInano™ series piezo positioning stages are designed to provide high performance at minimum cost. For highly-stable, closed-loop operation, piezo-resistive sensors are applied directly to the moving structure and precisely measure the displacement of the stage platform. The very high sensitivity of these sensors provides optimum position stability and responsiveness as well as sub-nanometer resolution. A proprietary servo controller significantly improves the motion linearity compared to conventional piezoresistive sensor controllers.

High Reliability and Long Lifetime
The compact P-545 systems are equipped with preloaded PICMA® high-performance piezo actuators which are integrated into a sophisticated, FEA-modeled, flexure guiding system. The PICMA® actuators feature cofired ceramic encapsulation and provide better performance and reliability than conventional piezo actuators. Actuators, guidance and sensors are maintenance-free, not subject to wear and offer extraordinary reliability.


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