OSIL to Supply Specialist Multi-Corer

OSIL (Ocean Scientific International Ltd.) have received an order for a specially modified Mega Multiple corer for use in a local research programme. OSIL’s (Ocean Scientific International Ltd.) range of Multiple Corers are the only way of collecting a truly undisturbed sediment sample from the seabed. Each of the four corers, Mega, Maxi, Midi and Mini, provide a simple and reliable way of collecting the most accurate sample possible.

The corers use a unique hydrostatically damped coring mechanism (penetration rate ~1 cm/s) to attain the undisturbed sample. The hydrostatically damped head allows a true representative sample that has not been disturbed by the bow waves seen in front of traditional corers.

In order to fully maximise its use, the modified corer has been extended to provide a longer core tube length of 800 mm (standard length 600 mm), which will result in an increased sample for work/study. The corers collect the undisturbed sediment sample together with overlying supernatant water, which provides a unique insight into the sediment water interface.

The rugged frame of the corers is made of 316 stainless steel and the core tubing itself of acrylic. With a deployment rate of approximately 1 metre per second on the descent coupled with a retrieval rate at winch speed the corers are ideal for rapid assessment work.

OSIL’s corers are currently used worldwide by companies such as IAEA, Petrobras, Altima, NOC, BP and The University of Aberdeen for sampling in applications related to environmental impact assessment, geochemical analysis, interstitial waters and biological survey.


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