OSIL Offer New Data to Web Broadcast Solution

OSIL are pleased to offer a unique and exclusive modem to the marine market, capable of taking data from any Campbell Scientific Datalogger and broadcasting it directly to a secure website using GPRS/GSM technology. The Osprey modem simply connects directly to any Campbell Datalogger, is compatible with any new system, and can be fitted retrospectively (in a suitable weather proof housing).

Data is presented on a dedicated website with a password access, using secure servers, and can interface with existing data gatherer and SCADA systems. Multiple sites can be displayed on one screen, with inputs from multiple sensors. Applications can be developed in short timescales and at low cost to enable tailored software solutions. Data can also be integrated easily into the Google Earth program, and is backed up on the Meteor Data Centre, which has an impressive data handling history.

Any web enabled device can be used to view the data, which can also be transmitted via text, including alarms, or a stand alone receiving terminal can be set up. The on site equipment can be reconfigured or controlled through the 2 way communication link, or a voice menu system.

The initial outlay is considerably less than that of a comparable system, with a monthly data handling fee equivalent to monthly SIM card costs.


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