noax IPCs with Two Ethernet Interfaces - Improved Duplication, Better Security and Increased Speed

The latest generation of noax industrial PCs is equipped with high-performance components that put it on the cutting edge of modern technology. Among other improvements, they now feature a new motherboard with two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. These two interfaces enable secure company networks, duplicated data transmission and faster overall communications.

The system stability of these machines is particularly important for production facilities that rely heavily on secure IT functionality. That applies not only to individual PCs but also to the interfaces between the various devices. Industrial PCs play an especially vital role in manufacturing and logistics, for example, as an intersecting point for communications. Operational readiness can also contribute significantly to the success of a company. For that reason, it is essential that industrial PCs and their connected peripherals maintain the greatest possible level of operational reliability while delivering the greatest possible performance. In order to satisfy both of these demands, particular with regards to data transmission, noax has equipped its latest generation of industrial PCs with two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.

The double fixture has many advantages, particularly for industrial applications. For example, networks that perform differing functions such as corporate communications and plant operations can be separated from one another. This allows the new noax IPCs to control a machine or plant while simultaneously transmitting machine and operating data via the corporate network, thereby making it available to other employees within the company. At the same time, both networks remain fully separated and independent from one another in order to prevent failures or viruses on the corporate network from affecting the manufacturing network.

Furthermore, both interfaces can also be combined to create a duplicate and therefore failure-safe connection. Many applications require a constant, uninterrupted flow of data. If a dual-cable connection between the plant and the IPC fails due to a defective switch, for example, the information is automatically transmitted via the other connection. The double connection is a particularly useful security feature when, as in the food processing industry for instance, data for each individual product has to be saved and stored for the purposes of proving conformity.

The third benefit is that the two Ethernet interfaces can be combined to create one logical interface that is twice as fast, with 2 GBit/s baud rates. Large amounts of data can be transmitted this way in impressively short times.

The drivers for running this type of duplicate and particularly fast connection are of course standard on noax IPCs. Users can set up these functions easily if required.

The double Ethernet connection in the new noax industrial PCs offers operators not only increased speed but increased security and reliability.


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