New High Temperature Accelerometer for Gas Turbines

A vibration transducer capable of operating in excess of 450°C is now available from Sensonics. The PZEHT offers ICP type connectivity by separating the high temperature element from the signal conditioning electronics, connecting by means of a hardline cable. Robust and hermetically sealed, this latest instrument from Sensonics is designed for use on Gas Turbines and joins an established stable of high temperature accelerometers currently manufactured by the company.

The unique feature of this product is the built-in calibration function which offers a full mechanical check of the piezoelectric arrangement. The transducer is configured to allow the user to excite the sensing element in a vibratory fashion to confirm sensitivity and frequency response. For gas turbine applications the high temperature vibration sensors are positioned in hard to reach or in non-serviceable parts of the turbine making regular calibration checks extremely difficult. This product offers an evolution for accelerometers with the ability to confirm calibration in situ.

ATEX approved for use in hazardous areas, the transducer provides excellent stability over the full temperature range and an operating bandwidth of 4Hz to 5kHz. The charge amplifier has a temperature rating of 140°C and is contained in a cylindrical threaded arrangement for mounting on simple bracketry. Sensonics can also supply a range of smart monitors to interface with the transducer to provide further signal processing for turbine shutdown or vibration trending purposes.


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