New Datalogic S8 INOX: Stainless Steel Reliability

Datalogic Automation is pleased to introduce the New S8 INOX, a Universal Photoelectric Sensor, which widens and completes the existing 'MINI' Sensors range with the new STAINLESS STEEL model.

S8 Contrast and S8 Polarized for transparent item detection offer stainless steel housing and support the unique ONE for ALL concept: one shape and one fixing holes pattern for all the models. A real advantage for the OEMs who can leverage this feature to reduce and standardize automatic machine components. The New S8 INOX was designed for frequent wash downs and its corrosion-resistant AISI316L stainless steel case is rated IP69K.

S8 are the perfect solutions to discriminate fine color differences at very high speeds in high demanding processes with moving and very clear objects such as in FOOD and PHARMA applications.


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