New Cost Effective Bearings for the Bicycle Market

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics launches a cost-effective bearing solution for bicycle components to reduce friction and improve performance. The company’s proven NORGLIDE® line of composite bearings is now available with new Eko Plus material to allow more bicycle manufacturers access to this innovative technology. Corrosion-resistant and lightweight, NORGLIDE® bearings can be used in bicycle components such as headsets, pedals, and brakes to contribute to a smooth riding experience.

Eko Plus is a distinctive polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) blend containing more cost-effective fillers than those traditionally used in bearings. Whether Eko Plus or other combinations, NORGLIDE® bearings feature a thicker layer of PTFE compared with other technologies, which ensures stronger resistance to wear, resulting in longer use and reduced maintenance requirements.

Able to be customised to meet specific requirements, NORGLIDE® bearings can be applied in brake levers instead of conventional lever pivots to reduce friction. They also serve as a high-performance corrosion-resistant option for brake pivots. For pedal assemblies, NORGLIDE® bearings can be used in place of axle-shaft rolling element bearings and plastic bushings. Unlike plastic components, NORGLIDE® products are not at risk of performance degradation due to moisture absorption. “Cyclists have many requirements to ensure the optimum riding experience. Eko Plus is just one way to demonstrate our commitment to bringing unique and affordable innovations to bicycle manufacturers so they can provide their customers with the cycling performance they need at the price points they require,” said Ed Rumble, Market Manager for bicycle bearings, Saint-Gobain.

Saint-Gobain customises their NORGLIDE® composite bearings to meet a variety of user requirements by adjusting their geometry and fluoropolymer composition. With extensive research and development, design, testing and manufacturing facilities and engineering expertise, the company can rapidly develop solutions for almost any application using their comprehensive product range. Saint-Gobain also serves the bicycle industry with high-performance composite bushings for front suspension assemblies as well as NORSLIDE® cable liners and RENCOL® tolerance rings.


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