Machinery Shaft Alignment for Hazardous Areas - in Color

ROTALIGN SMART EX, water–, shock– and dustproof, is taking professional alignment to a higher level. Just enter dimensions, rotate shaft in one continuous sweep less than a 1/4 turn from any starting position and view results at coupling and feet. Built-in angle sensor eliminates need for readings at clock positions. Built-in soft foot expertise suggests corrections for soft foot, not just measurements. Thermal growth computation. Machine train alignment of up to 6 machines complete with specified tolerances, targets, names and icons for each machine. User-specific system configuration. Its sensor technology simultaneously measuring and displaying angularity and offset, vertically and horizontally, insures fastest and most accurate machine moves under any working conditions.

ROTALIGN SMART EX is manufactured for use in hazardous areas in accordance with ATEX and IECEx regulations.

  • Free ALIGNMENT REPORTER PC Software for backup and reporting.
  • Print PDF reports to memory stick.


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