M500 Series of Line Scan Cameras Used with PPT VISION Embedded Vision System to Solve Demanding Applications

PPT VISION introduces the IMPACT® M500 Series of GigE compatible line scan cameras. The series includes twelve new cameras ranging from a 1024 pixel, 18.7 Khz model to a 2048 pixel, 29.2 Khz model; each with C or F mount lensing options and supporting multiple encoder configurations with direct digital inputs. The new M500 Series of line scan cameras can be used with the IMPACT® M-Series Embedded Vision System to simply and reliably perform multiple machine vision inspections simultaneously.

“PPT VISION has long offered a broad selection of IMPACT smart cameras and software, designed to meet versatile requirements and solve diverse factory automation applications,” said Bob Heller, CEO. “The recently released IMPACT M-Series Embedded Vision System is already improving yields and production for many manufacturers, and grayscale cameras, like the IMPACT A20, solve the majority of applications. However, line scan cameras and tools are needed to solve numerous critical inspection operations for industries ranging from sheet glass manufacturing to automotive assembly to electronics.”

Heller adds, “The new IMPACT M500 line scan cameras can be used to detect defects in large sheets of glass, in the threads of high precision steel bolts, in rubberized gaskets used in automobile engines and in the layout of large high pincount electrical connectors.”

Other applications solved with PPT VISION IMPACT color vision tools include sorting and identifying pharmaceutical tablets, detecting wire placement and components in electronic products and many additional possibilities.

The IMPACT M-Series Embedded Vision System allows users to perform up to four unique high speed inspections that can be initiated independently—at different times or simultaneously—utilizing a single vision processor. Significant cost savings are achieved by eliminating the need to purchase multiple systems for separate inspection/guidance programs, and the comprehensive system greatly reduces setup and networking time over traditional usage of multiple systems. Any combination of four grayscale, color or line scan cameras can be used with a single vision processor.

PPT VISION develops, manufactures and markets machine vision solutions for the global pharmaceutical, medical, electronics and automotive industries. With thousands of installations worldwide, PPT VISION provides complete machine vision solutions that include common IMPACT™ inspection software across all smart cameras and embedded processors, an easy to program operator interface, experienced, personalized technical service and expandable hardware platforms. Headquartered in Bloomington, Minnesota, USA, PPT VISION has offices and distributors located throughout North America, Europe and Asia.


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