LS03 Liquid Level Sensor Series are Now Externally Mounted

Low cost repair and replacement Liquid Level Sensors now possible with our new external mounting LS03 Series options.

Three new versions of Level Sensor Series LS03 have been introduced into the market to meet the wider demands of our customer's more specialized application needs. Thus far, the LS03 Level Sensors were only capable of mounting to the inside of the liquid container or reservoir. The demand for level sensors which can be externally mounted has progressed as more and more sophisticated devices are being developed such as in modern air conditioners, cooling devices, high-pressure cleaners and many other technologically advanced household appliances. Moreover, external mounting also allows manufacturers the flexibility of quick and low cost level sensor repair or replacement.

MEDER electronic has quickly responded to the new demands of the American and European markets with the expanded LS03 versions LS03/DL, LS03/DK, and LS03/GZ. Available in PP (Polypropylene), PA (Polyamide), or both, these new versions also range in sealing and wall thickness, thread size, and filling pressure capacity. Furthermore, these LS03 versions can accommodate maximum switching voltages between 200VDC and 1000VDC with contact ratings ranging from 10W-100W.

LS03/DL: Material-PA or PP | Thread-Metric M16 x 2.0 | Insertion hole- Dia. 22-24mm | Wide Seal-12mm | Low Pressure Filling | Wall thickness-Max. 5mm

LS03/DK: Material-PA or PP | Thread-Metric M16 x 2.0 | Insertion hole- Dia. 22mm | Narrow Seal-5mm | High Pressure Filling | Wall thickness-Min. 4mm

LS03/GZ: Material-PA only | Thread-Tapered 1/2" | Insertion hole- Dia. 1/2" | Self Sealing-Tapered thread

The DL version, developed for the European market, is used with thin walled containers and handles low pressure filling while the DK version with its robuts construction can handle higher filling pressures up to at least 10bar. The GZ version, used in American markets, is self-sealing as a result of its tapered thread therefore is has a lower cost as compared to the DL and DK models.

In addition to the DL, DK, and GZ versions, MEDER electronic can further accommodate additional application or parametric needs upon request.


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