LaserGen and National Instruments Collaborate to Improve Accuracy of DNA Sequencing

LaserGen Inc. and National Instruments today announced a collaboration to develop a new next-generation sequencing (NGS) system. The system will be initially used to demonstrate accurate sequencing of the E. coli genome in the upcoming months using LaserGen's Lightning Terminators™, a breakthrough sequencing chemistry for reversible terminators, and National Instruments graphical system design software for control, imaging, and instrumentation. Thereafter, the companies intend to complete development of their NGS system and install it at a leading genome center for validation testing by the end of 2011.

"Collaborating with National Instruments, a global leader in graphical system design, will accelerate the commercialization of our unique reversible terminator technology," said Dr. Michael Metzker, chief executive officer of LaserGen. "The outcome of the LaserGen and National Instruments collaboration could be the first NGS technology that delivers fast, inexpensive and accurate genome data to the market." LaserGen has recently published its initial findings on the improved accuracy of its proprietary chemistry in Nucleic Acids Research.

National Instruments is an international leader in hardware and software for systems controls, and data acquisition and analysis. "Over the years, we have successfully made it possible for a broad range of life science companies to get their products to market faster," said John Hanks, vice president of Life Science at National Instruments. "Working with LaserGen is another exciting opportunity for the National Instruments graphical system design platform to accelerate the development and deployment of this potentially game-changing technology in the rapidly evolving DNA sequencing market."

The initial throughput specifications of the LaserGen and National Instruments system will be greater than a gigabase per day. System and reagents costs have yet to be released.


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