Knobs with Integral Digital-Analogue Gravity Position Indicator

MBT-GW knobs with integral digital-analogue gravity position indicator in general are used to regulate flows, capacities, strokes, setting of speed variators on horizontal or max 60° inclined spindles.

Realised in glass-fibre reinforced technopolymer with transparent technopolymer window are provided with a five-digits roller counter (four black rolls and one red roll) to indicate the distance covered by the mechanism controlled by the spindle from the start position (0) and one red pointer which turns on the graduated dial The digit of the red roll shows the decimal values, while the pointer shows the hundreth. One complete turn of the machine spindle corresponds to a turn of the handwheel/knob and consequently to a turn of the red pointer.

The particular knurling on the outside rim of the knob, provided with a structure of very fine pitch, allows a safe and comfortable grip, offering the operator the possibility of operating under the most different working conditions in a sensitive and ergonomic way.


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