KMT Waterjet Systems Introduces the Streamline™ PRO 90,000 PSI/6.200 bar Ultra High Pressure Pump

KMT Waterjet Systems Inc., the leading global manufacturer of high pressure pumps and components for waterjet systems, introduces the Next Generation of waterjet cutting pumps, an ultra high pressure (UHP) 90,000 PSI/6.200 bar pump. The KMT Streamline™ PRO UHP pump is the alternative solution for professional manufacturers requiring exacting performance and exceptional value.

With waterjet pressure up to 90,000 PSI/6.200 bar, the advanced pump is produced with just one intensifier, delivering the manufacturer a reduction in operating costs by cutting products in less time than conventional waterjet systems. The increased operating benefits of the Streamline™ PRO pump will provide a reduction to the long-term capital expenditure. The threaded, stud design utilizes hydraulic tension for ease of maintenance. The Streamline™ PRO pump is also downward compatible to 60,000 PSI operational pressure when less waterjet force is needed to complete the project.

Sophisticated software includes remote access and networking of multiple pumps is available which represent increased productivity based on manufacturing requirements. Meeting strict quality ISO 9001:2000 Certification Standards, the Streamline™ PRO Pump offers the flexibility and versatility needed in the ever changing and demanding just-in-time production schedules.

Along with multiple language controls, dual pressure compensator and many additional standard features, the Streamline™ PRO pump is supported by the largest OEM worldwide network of localized technical support in the waterjet industry. The precision accurate Streamline™ PRO pump is the most advanced KMT waterjet cutting system delivering maximum power and performance.


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