KiBox® - A New Standard for In-Vehicle Combustion Analysis

Today, objectives in engine and vehicle deve lopment are dominated by demands for both highest-possible efficiency and dramatic emission reduction. To meet these requirements, an efficient combustion analysis is essential. High-precision Kistler sensors have been in the vanguard for decades.

Kistler's new in-vehicle combustion analysis system, KiBox, sets a new standard. All relevant questions can be answered in the vehicle on the road and under real operating conditions. An intelligent system, KiBox integrates all hardware and software for data acquisition, handling, analysis and visualization. Developers can validate or verify test stand results by means of test drives. It's fast and uncomplicated.

It helps reduce total development costs to a substantial degree. In 2011, the addition of further functionalities will accentuate the KiBox's benefits even more.


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